Roof Flashing On Long Island, NY

Roof flashing is the metal that surrounds any seam in your roof, including the edges of windows, chimneys, and vent pipes. Flashing installation is an important part in roofing because it protects your property's insulation and helps maintain the quality of your roof.

Without roof flashing your home or business is more susceptible to to weathering and water damage. Expressway offers a variety of roof flashing services including roof flashing installation, roof flashing repair, roof flashing replacement, and roof flashing maintenance. Our expert roofing crews use only the best roofing flashing materials, equipment, and techniques to ensure that there are no gaps or areas that could become a entry way for water. Expressway offers roof flashing in a variety of metals to match the look of your roof and home or business. Your roof is only as good as your roof flashing!

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