New Roof Replacement | Installation Long Island NY

Need a new roof replacement on Long Island? Expressway Roofing specialized in new roof replacements and installation across Long Island. When it comes to installing a new roof, homeowners typically focus on the TOTAL price, without giving much thought to what goes into that number. It is important for you – the homeowner, because you want to install a roof that will protect your home for many years to come. The best, most expensive material is only as durable and long lasting as the contractor who installs it.

The last thing you need is to replace your new roof within a few short years, just because you initially tried to save money and hired a sub par contractor.

What you should know before replacing or installing a new roof on Long Island

All too often, a cheap roof means that it will NOT last a long time. When it leaks, a “cheap” contractor will usually not honor his warranty, and the cost of repairs or replacement will be on you. The bottom line – a company needs to make money to stay in business, to be able to repair your roof if or when the need arises.

In fact, because most contractors compete on price, cutting corners has become the norm. For years, the industry has been torn to shreds by uninsured crews hiring illegal labor, with very little expenses. For honest, licensed and insured roofers, who build a reputation on doing excellent work, it has become immensely difficult to compete in such an environment. In order to get enough work, many of these good crews have to drop prices, and to compensate for lost profits, some also begin cutting corners and reducing quality of work.

While we may not be the cheapest, Expressway Roofing is proud to offer their customers top notch services at an affordable and competitive rate. We are licensed and insured and offer 24 hour emergency roofing services.

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