Chimney Liners on Long Island NY

Chimney Liners And Their Importance: Safe, code-compliant chimney liners protect a masonry chimney’s walls from heat, potential damage and corrosion from combustion byproducts. This is why chimney relining is a key part of keeping your home safe from fire.

The National Bureau of Standards’ (NBS) tests revealed that in unlined chimneys or in chimney liners that have been compromised due to age or a seismic event, highly acidic flue gases often penetrated the brick and mortar, eating away at the chimney’s mortar joints and allowing heat to transfer more rapidly to nearby combustibles. This means that dangerous flue gases such as carbon monoxide and sulfuric acid can leak into the living areas of the home.

In the NBS’s tests of unlined chimneys or a deficient lining system, adjacent woodwork or framing member caught fire in only 3 1/2 hours, which is why appropriate chimney liners and chimney relining are so important.

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